Selection of Projects, Entrepreneurs and Coordinators.

SEND: introduction, CV/resumé (education, work, art, entrepreneurship and innovation), individual and/or collective pre-project (or choose a project in development in the workshops or developed in the incubator) to unig (@) (PDF).

SERVICE: Residential-Comercial Thematic Campus Units; Globolsa GDDE enterprise-capital and Globocean Zero tax-law-labor; Internet Address, Website Hosting, Email and Ephone; Commercial Address, Telephone and Mail Box; Meeting, Sales and Recruting Room; Multimedia Communication Equipment; Workshop Coordination and Participation; Creative, Administrative and Economic Colaboration; Global Holding Globocean Globolsa (Global Ocean Aerospace Federation: / Global Direct Exchange: (headquarters in international economic waters, aerospace and land: permanent zero tax/law/labor costs; zero-cost Global IPO for active-investors); ATA-HOV CIRCUITO (Aero-Terrestrial-Aquatic Home-Office-Veículos Start-Up Art-Tech Campus Circuito).

INCOME: Founder-investor Global Holding Globocean/Globolsa shares and/or Gcities local subsidiaries/franchises and worker-investor shares for functional intellectual capital, with monthly dividends from 100% profit distribution.

COSTS (real/virtual workshop/incubator): US$295 Home/Office rent; 5% of shares (3% University Campus; 2% UNIG); Workshop (US$5 to US$30 for 1 to 6 Entrepreneurs per 1 hour workshop with Coordinator); Incubator (US$15 to US$90 a month for 1 to 6 Entrepreneurs for enterprise virtual/real hosting); Knowledge (US$9 a month for coordination and permanent recycling of information and theoretical knowledge per area of knowledge); Diploma of Bachelor in Arts (completion of 1 project) (US$190); Diploma of Master of Arts (completion of two projects) (US$290), Diploma of Doctor of Arts (completion of 3 projects) (US$390).

SPONSOR AND/OR INVESTOR: 25% to 100% discount on all fees and rent based on project, performance and results.
Start-Up Art-Tech
Campus Circuits