Services for Coordinators and Entrepreneurs: Co-working/co-learning/co-trading/co-incubating/G$ financing/trading. Office/Store/Workshop/Home-Office, Office, Box, Desk, Room, Web Site.
24/7 Campus, Season/Quarter-Month-Week-Day-Hour, Morning-Afternoon-Night-Dawn, Full/Shared Work/Class Space.

1) Internet Address, Website Hosting, Email and Ephone.
2) Commercial Address, Phone and Mail Box.
3) Meeting, Sales and Recruting Room.
4) Multimedia Communication Equipment.
5) Creative, Administrative and Economic Colaboration.
6) ATA-HOV CIRCUIT (Aero-Terra-Aqua Home-Office-Vehicles Start-Up Art-Tech Campus Circuits).
7) Residential-Comercial Thematic Campus Units.
8) Globolsa GDDE enterprise-capital and Globocean Zero tax-law-labor.
9) Home-Office/Store/Workshop, Office, Box, Desk, Room, Web Site.

Art-Tech Enterprise Innovation Developed/Incubated Projects/Enterprises, Bachelor/Master/Doctor Degrees for 1/2/3 projects developed.
Scriptsurfer Entertainment - Free Sponsored Multimedia Entertainment -
Direct Democracy United Nations - Movement, Party, Government and Enterprises -
Lynn and Ron English - Personalized English Courses -
Turisistem - Tourism and Real Estate Development System -
Globolsa - Global Direct Exchange -
Praia Surf Club - Real Virtual Network -
Jusistem - Global Direct Judicial System -
Mesistem - Mobile Medical System -
Sandaero - Santos Dumont Aerosystems -
FuteArte - Arena-Shopping, Reality-Show and Football-Club -
Globocean - Global Ocean Aerospace Federation -
MicroMultiFlex - Modular Infrastructure -
Universe Materials - Recyclable, Renewable and New Materials -
Direct Democracy Brazil - Movement, Party, Government and Enterprises -
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Start-Up Art-Tech
Campus Circuits